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We source our fabric from the traditional craftspeople of Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka through their community-run co-ops markets and independent production units. We personally visit these places and meet the artisans before purchasing their product.

All our journeys are undertaken by road and railway; we do not fly. Once we return to our workstation in Goa, we pre-shrink the fabric and fasten the dyes using vinegar rather than synthetic, toxic chemicals.

None of the weaves, prints, or hand-crafted embellishments are designed by us; they are the creations of the craft workers themselves. It is important to us that the artisans retain their freedom of creative expression.


All our pieces are inspired by the fabric itself!

What does that mean? It means that we plan our collections based on the design and fall of the weaves we buy. Swatches, sketches, and miniature prototypes made of leftover fabric are integral to our creative process.

We work in consultation with friends and tailors while planning our designs. Our principal goal is to create simple, comfortable garments that showcase the skill and craftsmanship of our traditional artisans.



"Measure twice, cut once"

Once samples are tried, tested, and okay-ed, each size is drafted in the requisite quantity on the final fabric.

We have a minimum wastage cutting policy, use every inch of the fabric we buy. Leftover fabric pieces are used to make accessories and pattern samples for future designs. The tiniest scraps are shredded and used as stuffing for pin-cushions, and creative projects.

These accessories help us eliminate material wastage and prevent useful scrap fabric from entering our already oversaturated landfills. Furthermore, 70% of the funds raised from our accessories contribute directly to our community support projects.


Every element of your Nadi experience is carefully selected, including our branding and packaging!

Our bags and tags are made of unbleached cotton and are handprinted using herbal dyes by Truetone Ink. These simple drawstring bags are sourced from a local women's self-help group in Marcel, Goa.

Items that are shipped to destinations outside Panjim and its surrounds are further packed in recycled paper bags for extra protection that are sealed using natural gum. None of our items are wrapped in polymers, and we do not use more than the necessary amount of packing material, unless specially requested.

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