Saora is a high crew neck, sleeveless crop top made from unbleached Kothpad handloom cotton and lined with traditional Maharashtrian kora dhoti.


Saora is sewn with darts at the bust and waist to give a more fitted, formal shape. The tie up back is embellished with colourful lacquer beads made by the traditional toy makers of Channapatna, Karnataka.


Saora is named after a major tribe in Koraput, which cultivates the art of wall painting, dancing, and singing as a matter of natural habit.


Fabric sourced in Odisha and Kerala, designed and sewn in Goa.

Learn more about Kotpad natural dyeing and handloom weaving here.

Saora, kora

  • All dimension in inches


    Size Chest Arm Waist hem
    XS   32  16       30
    S   34 16.5       33
    M   36 17.5      34.5


    Pairs well with high-waisted skirts and palazzo pants. Model wears size S.

  • Wash in cold or lukewarm water. Avoid using bleach - baking soda + vinegar do the same work with zero toxins!