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At Nādi, our philosophy is fabric first. We source our material directly from weavers in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Odisha, from community run co-ops and local master weavers.

Our designs are conceptualised in a way that best showcases the craftsmanship of our Indian artisans. We focus on making simple, comfortable clothing that suits all body types and style preferences, in order to create flattering silhouettes regardless of your shape and size.

All Nādi pieces are made in small quantities to give you exclusive, yet affordable sustainable fashion.



Fabric First

We source our fabric from the traditional craftspeople of Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka through their community-run co-ops, or individual production units. We personally visit these places and meet the weavers before purchasing their product.

All our journeys are undertaken by road and rail, we do not fly. Once we return to our workstation in Goa, we pre-shrink the fabric and fasten the dyes using vinegar rather than synthetic, toxic chemicals.

We don't design any of the weaves, prints, or embellishments ourselves. It is important to us that the artisans retain their freedom of creative expression.



A single Nādi garment, through the weaves, cuts, and hand-crafted embellishments, showcases the skills and creative sensibilities of numerous artisans in India.

We travel to weaving and craft communities, to meet the artisans and visit their workshops. Having the opportunity observe their work, and learn the history of a craft allows for a much more personal experience.

Over the last year we have visited handloom weavers of Kotpad and Pochampally, and the toy-makers of Channapatna in Karnataka. With the consent of the artisans, we document activities and conversations which we then share with you!

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